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Businesses are looking for you right now - a creative professional who can produce compelling web video. The internet is the new way of selling online and they need what you have. But are you ready? Do you have the business know how and skills to get the job done? This website will help you balance your creative side with the business side. We will give you the tools and techniques to become a web video production powerhouse - start with the 5 day webinar...

Upselling Real Estate Video Production

Making money producing real estate video. We talked about the subject many times on the DV Show: sell your production services to an agency or agent, show up on site with your camera and create a video tour…easy cash in your pocket. But that’s where it usually ends.

Russ Carson joined us from to squeeze more out of it than that. The following four ideas demonstrate additional videos you can sell to real estate professionals other than the usual “video tour”. Read more »

6 Step Formula For Attracting Clients

Question: I own a new video production company- how can I get new clients? This is always a struggle. We have SD + HD cameras, Final Cut pro editing systems, a great reel and resources- but no clients. Zilch, sip, nada.

How should we go about getting our first clients in the door so I can start paying for this equipment and get some income generated? Read more »

6 Tips for Branding Your Video Business

Your brand is more than just the slate at the end of your videos, the logo on your letterhead and business cards or your business name. It is your corporate identity, what you do and how you do it, while at the same time establishing your relevance to and credibility with your prospective customers.

Your brand says a lot about you and your business. In this article we give you the top five tips for creating a strong brand for your video business that will help set you apart from the competition and lay the right foundation for future growth. Read more »

Why The Elite Never Sign a Work-for-Hire Contract

So you’re shooting video of some spectacular outdoor scenes for a client. So spectacular, you’re already thinking of uploading and selling certain clips on all of the stock video websites you just signed up for. Shoot once make money multiple times, right? – this is how the Elite videographer thinks.

But are you legally positioned to do this? Do you really own that footage? Here are some tips and advice to keep the money in your pocket and your feet out of court. Read more »

Secret Encoding Recipe for Youtube and Vimeo HD

The Elite videographer is always aware that their client needs the best quality HD video on Youtube or Vimeo but what are the required settings? Most of us prepare two videos – one for each site – which puts us in a tough position when productivity always needs to be in high gear.

The truth is that you can encode and prepare one video that will work for both sites. Here’s the Elite videographer’s approach to save time in preparing your client’s videos only once so you can concentrate on the more important things. Read more »

Handling the “I Can Produce a Video Myself” Objection

At well under $8K in total equipment costs and dozens of non-professionals who can create a video for less money in less time, companies are attracted to the idea they can produce video on their own. So why are we needed? Is the video professional becoming extinct in a time when it seems anyone with a camera can be hired to do it cheaper?

How do we deal with a company who wants to produce a video themselves? How can we justify the costs for our services? Here is the Elite strategy to overcome the do-it-yourself crowd. Read more »

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