6 Step Formula For Attracting Clients

Question: I own a new video production company- how can I get new clients? This is always a struggle. We have SD + HD cameras, Final Cut pro editing systems, a great reel and resources- but no clients. Zilch, sip, nada.

How should we go about getting our first clients in the door so I can start paying for this equipment and get some income generated?

Answer: Looks like you fell into the trap of “Buy the equipment and they will come” syndrome.

Many freelance media professionals or small video business owners, like yourself, love their work, believe in the need for their product or service, and are strongly motivated to be self-employed. But a few months down the road they run into problems because they have never learned the essential skills they need to find clients. This can be a rude awakening!

Statistics suggest that only 1 out of 5 of you make it to their first year anniversary! Fortunately, marketing and sales is not rocket science.

Here are a 6 tips to start finding clients easier!
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