What to Charge – Day 2, part 2

There are so many factors involved in this issue, that no one answer will be able to cover all the bases. Some of the following factors Kris discusses in this interview are to be taken into account when deciding how much to charge a client.

A lot also depends on the client. The value of a design project is not just dependent on the amount of work that a producer has to put into it. It is also dependent on the value that the video will bring to the client. And this is often dependent on the client’s spending power. Some producers will taper their fees with this in mind and a major corporation will expect to pay much more than a small business.

But, of course, these are only guidelines. In reality, video producers will need to research carefully and develop a pricing structure most suited to their own business that is competitive with the market.

This is day 2, interview 2 of our 5 day crash course on setting up a focused, productive and efficient web video production company so you can start earning income.

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Business Coaching

  • Techniques on finding new clients
  • What to Charge for your videos

Guest: Kris Simmons – Video Business Coach – What to charge for your video

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