Technical Aspects – Day 3

You hold the key to open what businesses are looking for – to make money. They want their product to be known, they want to get the word out on their services, they want to remain competitive – create a buzz around their product or service – they want to be seen as up to date and advanced so they don’t lose clients – and video is the answer…

it’s an exciting time to be in the video production industry and it’s time to take advantage of this buzz to add as an additional revenue stream or to make it your main source of revenue.

You’re a videographer with passion, the equipment and the skills to produce something businesses are craving. You just have to go out there and get them. Cast your net and get loads of fish – the pond is full.

This day 3 of our 5 day crash course on setting up a focused, productive and efficient web video production company so you can start earning income.

Archived: Day 3

Instant Studio – Equipment needed

  • My Market
  • Production Timeline
  • Money Formula
  • Technical aspects – Equipment considerations
  • Choosing the best camera

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