Why The Elite Never Sign a Work-for-Hire Contract

So you’re shooting video of some spectacular outdoor scenes for a client. So spectacular, you’re already thinking of uploading and selling certain clips on all of the stock video websites you just signed up for. Shoot once make money multiple times, right? – this is how the Elite videographer thinks.

But are you legally positioned to do this? Do you really own that footage? Here are some tips and advice to keep the money in your pocket and your feet out of court.

The client hired you to make a video at a certain price – and they’re under the impression the video is theirs. They expect to do whatever they wish with it.

From the Elite videographer’s perspective, we’re simply letting that client use pieces of the video we shot – and that’s what they paid for – the use of and not the video itself.

Which perspective is right? Can a balance be found or does the law stand? What is the law anyway?

The remaining content is for the Elite only.

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